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Waxing is a great way to keep your skin clean and hair-free without spending hours in the bathroom with a razor every other day. There are two methods of waxing—hot and cold. Both methods involve applying wax to the skin and removing it using cloth strips. Cold wax is applied directly to the skin and then removed, while hot wax is both applied and removed using the strips.

For waxing services in Encino, Skincare by Elena offers you the spa experience you deserve while you say goodbye to hair and hello to flawless skin!


Get gorgeous, flawless eyebrows with eyebrow waxing! Eyebrow waxing cleans up stray hairs, shapes brows, and gives your face a well-groomed appearance with the simple pull of a strip. After waxing the major parts of the brow, some tweezing may be needed to shape to perfection.


Waxing saves time and your legs are one of the largest parts of the body to get hair-free. Waxing is a natural and easy way to have clean, smooth legs all year long. Frequent waxing sessions may cause your hair to grow back finer and sparser over time. Avoid nicks, cuts, and razor burn with professional leg waxing services!


Arm waxing is a cosmetic procedure that uses body wax to remove forearm hair. Soft wax applied to the skin removes the top layer of the skin allowing for skin cells to regenerate and hair growth to slow down. If you want flawless, clean, smooth arms, waxing is the easiest way to achieve it!


Face waxing, when performed carefully, can leave your entire face feeling both smooth and free of hair for weeks. At Skincare by Elena, you will receive expert advice on caring for your waxed face and the products you use on it after waxing. When done right, facial waxing can offer you precision in hair removal, longer results, no stubble, and less hair at an affordable price.


Both men and women can take full advantage of the regular bikini waxing offered at Skincare by Elena. You’ll get all the hair removed outside of the panty line. Bikini waxes offer a cleanup and regular waxing will have your lower regions looking and feeling silky smooth. Bikini waxes offer a multitude of benefits including smoother skin, healthier skin, thinner and finer hair, and minimal irritation caused by other methods of hair removal.


The Brazilian bikini wax goes more in-depth than a basic bikini wax and removes all the hair from the bikini line, front to back. If you are looking to go completely or almost hairless, the Brazilian is the perfect option for your private regions. Waxing will provide you with three to four weeks of smooth, perfect skin and is a cost-effective method of maintaining hair removal.


The Benefits of Waxing

Waxing is the perfect alternative for you to get rid of your hair in an economical and reliable way. Waxing will allow your skin to feel smooth, fresh, and clean all year long with waxing sessions built into your beauty regime. In addition, waxing has a handful of benefits for your skin

  • It creates smooth, even skin and removes dry and dead skin cells in the process.
  • Waxing leaves no cuts, bruises, or scars.
  • Waxing removes hair completely, so you no longer have to worry about left over stubble.
  • Waxing is irritation and allergy-free with minimal chemicals involved in the process.
  • Your hair growth is much slower after waxing, often taking up to 6 weeks to regrow.

If you are ready for waxing to be a part of your skincare routine, reach out to Skincare by Elena for your Encino waxing needs!

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