Sugar Wax

Sugaring, or sugar waxing, is an alternative method of hair removal to traditional waxing. Sugar wax is a sticky gel-like paste that is created when you mix sugar, lemon juice, and water. The paste is then applied similar to wax in the areas where you would want hair removal performed. Sugaring can be done anywhere from your eyebrows to your legs and your bikini area.

Sugar wax in Encino is gaining popularity as it is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and the consensus is that it is less painful than waxing. Sugaring removes hair from the root without pulling at live skin cells.

Skin & Waxing

We use gloves and apply the mixture in the opposite direction of the hair growth, allow it to harden for a few seconds, and then pull it off in the direction of the hair growth. Results from sugar waxing last approximately 3-5 weeks and have little irritation post-waxing.

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Hair Removal With Sugaring

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